Who wants to keep you in the DARK?

We all deserve the right to CHOOSE what we put into our bodies. Period. No more discussion required.

Vote for TRANSPARENCY. Vote for the Freedom to Choose. Vote for protecting People over Profit.

Do you know who’s spending the most money to keep YOU in the dark, blindly consuming their toxic products ?

Check this out (courtesy of Oregon Right To Know, Yes on 92)… and please keep it in mind as you cruise your grocery store isles, remembering that you cast a vote with every purchase!

**Data represents contributions to No on 92 Coalition as of 9/16/14. Source: Oregon Secretary of State





*Click here to see all of the brands owned by PepsiCo

*Click here to see all of the brands owned by Hershey



AN UPDATE: This just in, from Food Democracy Now!: Monsanto has spent $4.7 MILLION in Colorado to defeat labeling initiatives.

Please don’t fall for the lies! Monsanto is, of course, King of GMOs.

Click here to see brands owned by Kraft, General Mills*, and ConAgra. Please pay special attention to those foods that you view as “healthy.”

*You may also notice that General Mills actually now owns some Organic brands. Conflict of interest? Hell, yes. Their Organic brands are still held to organic standards, but please avoid buying those brands when you have a choice.

YES on Colorado Prop 105!

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