UPDATE and Opportunity: 2,4 D “Agent Orange Ready Crops”

Unfortunately, the USDA did approve 2,4 D (one of the primary ingredients in Agent Orange) crops.

What does this mean exactly?

This approval means that:

  1. The USDA ignored science, consumer petitions and public outcry, as well as pleas from our Champions in Congress who care.
  2. Dow Chemical has been given the green light to market a new strain of genetically engineered corn and soy that have the ability to tolerate the MASSIVE spraying of what’s known as “Enlist Duo,” a combination of Roundup (Glyphosate) AND 2,4 D. Also being referred to as the “Deadly Duo.”
  3. Although drenched in neurotoxic, carcinogenic poison, the GMO crops will survive (all the way to your dinner plate),  but  the weeds will die (until they evolve to tolerate 2,4 D).

But why?

(For a really complete picture of why, and how all of this happens, please read Book One of my series!)

Dow’s 2,4 D was approved because the use of Monsanto’s Roundup/Glyphosate (for Roundup Ready GMO crops) has resulted in what is known as “Superweeds”… weeds that evolved to tolerate Roundup and then returned with a vengeance. So now Big Ag needs another, even more toxic herbicide. Enter 2.4 D and The Deadly Duo.

Absolute madness.

What are the risks?

Exposure to 2,4 D (as well as Glyphosate) is linked to to an increased risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma,  Parkinson’s disease, birth defects, kidney disease, neurological damage, endocrine disruption, and thyroid & reproductive problems.

This is horrific news for farm workers, people who live (and children who go to school) near agricultural areas, consumers who unknowingly eat these toxins, our groundwater, our soil, and the environment at large.

Approval was a splendid idea, don’t ya think?

What Can You Do Right Now?

The EPA has yet to approve this new generation of GMO crops, so please sign these petitions!

Click here to sign the petition demanding that President Obama block this approval!

Click here to Tell the EPA: Stop Dow’s Deadly Duo of Agent Orange and Roundup

What else?

Stop eating and buying GMO foods. Vote with your wallet. These corporations won’t make products that don’t sell.

Virtually all corn, soy, and processed foods that come in packages contain GMOs.

Until we have labels on food indicating the use of genetically engineered ingredients, the only way to avoid GMOs is to buy Certified Organic and Non-GMO verified foods. Look for these labels and opt for both when you have a choice.

USDA Organic Seal                          

If you live in Colorado or Oregon  please make sure to vote on November 4! YES on Prop 105 in Colorado, YES on Measure 92 in Oregon.

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