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Trusted Brands & Products

I am a stickler for clean, pure products, and honest companies. I am very picky about what I recommend, so you can rest assured… I’ve done the research for you. I even see some of the products created right before my very eyes! : )

I support small, local companies whenever possible, and I highly encourage you to do the same. However, finding local companies that supply superior products can sometimes prove challenging.

My list of recommendations will grow as the Lighten Your Toxic Load series progresses, but for now, here are some of my favorite products and most trusted brands.



In Stores

Note: Dairy options are usually limited in stores; always choose Certified Organic and find a local dairy if possible!

Local Resources

Alternative Healthcare Practitioners by State

If you live in Colorado, you’re in luck. I’ve found some of the best alternative healthcare practitioners in this state. If you live somewhere else and you’ve experienced great success with an extraordinary healing professional, please let me know. I will need some help growing this list of resources.

Heartwood Soft Tissue Balancing, Denver, CO  303-825-1787

Dr. Scott Vander Wall specializes in soft tissue bodywork techniques and functional nutrition. Honestly, I can’t explain how he works his highly intuitive magic, but he is the real deal…a true healer. He has a gift for putting bodies back into balance and restoring them to an optimally functioning state, using a variety of gentle, yet incredibly effective, techniques. If you are in pain, or simply looking for some magnificent preventative medicine, Dr. Scott is most definitely your man.

Arne Wellness Center, Littleton, CO  303-948-9998

Although Dr. Arne provides many different services, I have relied upon him as I would a medical doctor. He is an internal disorders specialist, and he provides potent natural medicine. Whether your conventional doctors can’t figure out what ails you, or you just aren’t feeling “right,” Dr. Arne can most likely guide you back to optimal health.




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