GMO Labeling Lies, Lies, Lies!

GGgggggrrrrr… nothing is more frustrating at this very moment than the anti-labeling propaganda infiltrating Colorado airwaves and mailboxes! Did you know that as of today, between Colorado and Oregon, $30 MILLION has spent on media B.S. to keep YOU confused? Monsanto is leading in spending with $8.1 mil, followed by DuPont at $7.46 mil, with the balance of money provided by Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, GMA, and many other Big Food, Chem, and Ag Corporations.

In case you are confused, if you live in Colorado, VOTE YES on PROP 105!! If you live in Oregon, VOTE YES on Measure 92!!

Let’s take a look at three big lies:

LIE: GMO labels will make groceries more expensive for consumers (by hundreds of dollars per year).

TRUTH: A recent report by The Consumer’s Union shows that GMO labeling will only cost each consumer $2.30 per year. That’s less than 1 cent per day!! I wouldn’t consider that a hardship, would you? Besides… did you know that companies ALREADY label these very same products (or completely reformulate products without the use of GMOs!) for other countries? It has not increased their grocery bills!

Labels change all the time. It’s no big deal. Unless your a poison-peddling corporation, that is.


LIE: The bill is poorly written; “arbitrary exemptions and requirements would give consumers unreliable information.” “Most food produced with GMOs would be exempt.”

TRUTH: The truth is ALL packaged, processed foods AND fruits and vegetables in grocery stores WILL be labeled. And did you know that 80% of conventional products found on grocery store shelves contain GMOs? THOSE will be labeled!

Foods that will not be labeled include prepared, ready to eat foods (like sandwiches or deli foods in a grocery store), restaurant food, alcoholic beverages, and meat & dairy products from animals fed GMOs.

However, these above “exemptions” are not arbitrary. This is the beginning of GMO labeling and it is very challenging to cover everything in one bill. In fact, Colorado state law only allows for one subject to be covered per ballot initiative. For example, foods served at a restaurant are considered a different subject because they are regulated under a different statute than foods in a grocery store. Furthermore, the USDA regulates meat and dairy, the FDA covers grocery products, and alcohol is an entirely different beast altogether. So as you can see, this issue is complex. So while there are some exemptions (which also gives us the best chance of passing this bill), that does not mean the information that IS provided is not useful or reliable.  It’s a ridiculous argument.

We MUST start somewhere, right?!! Knowing which grocery products contain GMOs will be hugely eye-opening… the beginning of a food revolution (which is what all of the Anti-Labeling Behemoth Corporations are deathly afraid of).


LIE: We don’t need GMO labels because we already have labels that exclude GMOs, such as USDA Organic and Non-GMO project.

TRUTH: We DO need specific GMO labels because this is about transparency and accountability. If these companies are so proud of their GMOs, then they should be PROUD to shout from the rooftops that “this product is made with GMOs”! Furthermore, sadly, as it stands right now, not all people can afford USDA Organic or Non-GMO project verified food. And everyone has the right to choose health to whatever degree we are afforded.

And by the way, farmers will be fine, too. Many farms already deal with both GMO vs. Non-GMO ingredients… from growing to sorting to storing to packaging. If consumers begin opting exclusively for non-GMO (and I hope everyone does), farmers will adjust.

Don’t believe the half-truths, lies, and manipulation. YES on PROP 105!








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