Organic Certifications

When reading labels, and looking for Truly Organic Food, here are the most common organic certifications for which you can look (and trust).  Remember, “natural” does not mean Organic… neither does Non-GMO Verified. Non-GMO Verified AND Certified Organic is GREAT, but always opt for Certified Organic first!

GMO Labeling Lies, Lies, Lies!

GGgggggrrrrr… nothing is more frustrating at this very moment than the anti-labeling propaganda infiltrating Colorado airwaves and mailboxes! Did you know that as of today, between Colorado and Oregon, $30 MILLION has spent on media B.S. to keep YOU confused? Monsanto is leading in spending with $8.1 mil, followed by DuPont at $7.46 mil, with the balance of money provided …