10 Foods & Ingredients Banned in Other Countries but Still Served in the U.S.

How is it that toxic ingredients and foods banned (or restricted) in other countries are still served in America?

Greed-driven Corporate Control of our food system, our government, and our media
(putting Profit before people)
Lack of Consumer Education
Toxic Food Supply.

Check this out (click to expand):


Other countries have healthier, cleaner food because the public demands it.

Big Companies don’t make what we don’t buy.

Learn everything you can about the way things work

(hint: my book is a great start)



Eating Certified Organic food is the easiest way to avoid all of these toxins (they are not allowed in organic food)

without having to think too much!

p.s. Farmed salmon is the exception to this rule, since there is no “organic” certification for fish.  ALWAYS choose Wild (preferably Alaskan) Salmon.

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